The new project I’m working on is starting to mature in it’s functionality after a few months of poking, prodding and a whole lot of learning. I’ve been using the Core Bluetooth stack of the iOS API to talk to a custom piece of hardware and so far it’s been some fun discovery.
However, today I came across an interesting bug. Putting this software out for distribution to devices other than my development iPad was a bit of a chore, but once it was done I was feeling pretty good about things. Until I decided to run it on something other than my dev iPad. It installed just fine, but as soon as it detected the custom hardware, segfault! Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day as I try to figure out why two seemingly identical iPad 3s behave so differently.
Part of me is annoyed, but another part of me is looking forward to the challenge…I’m sure that will last all of a few hours before turning into a burning frustration.