Board Report: Opening Day (Day 1)

I decided to do a quick post each day I hit the slopes. As this decision has come retroactively, we’ll see how past posting goes.
11/10/11 – Opening Day
First day Brighton is open for the season and it was surprising good…and crowded. I was fortunate enough to be there for opening day last year and it wasn’t nearly as crowded. It might had something to do with the fact that there was limited terrain so that there more more folks in a smaller space, but despite that it was a good time.
The snow was quite good, so long as we stayed on the trails and the temperature warmed up nicely. The best part about the day though was seeing how much Angy had progressed since last season. It’s kind of amazing how the human body/mind works, but the break has done her good. She’s riding with more confidence and control than even at the last day of last season, it was exciting to watch. It’ll be fun to watch her progress through the season.
As for myself, I was a little worried that my switch riding would suffer a bit, but my fears were unfounded and switch seems to come more naturally every time I ride…