Hello again…from a Frosty Hell

A post, not just a tweet, but an actual post. Posted to Facebook no less. Those of you that know me at all know my feelings about Facebook, but the fact of the matter is that I can either be pissed off and try to ignore it, or I can be pissed off and put it to some use. So I’m choosing the latter.
I’ve been wanting to blog again for quite some time, but I was not thrilled with the separation of tools between Facebook, twitter and Livejournal. I had some cross posting working, but it was being cranky at times, speaking in tongues at others so I wanted to revisit my whole strategy.
I’m effectively retiring my Livejournal. Those that I follow have left it long ago so there is very little reason for me to visit anymore, and seemingly even less reason for others to visit. I had started everydave.com as an online home and had been using Livejournal as the store for my entries, merely displaying an integrated view on everydave.com, but I’ve decided to make everydave.com “home base” for such things.
This is where Facebook is put to use. While the current solution isn’t 100% of what I want (possible to comment in both places) at least the publishing will bring folks back here and allow them to comment using the Facebook comment system. This allows me to have spam protection and comment filtering with very little effort on my part. And who knows, maybe bring other people around so they can decide for themselves how far away they want to keep from me.
So there you have it, a place that I can keep my verbose thoughts (twitter will still be used for what I’ve been using it for: small, meaningless crap. While the large meaningless crap that will go here.
So, comment away…or not.