Board Report: A Quick Morning (Day 2)

I decided to take a quick morning trip up the Canyon as Angy had to work this morning and the snow had come. 11″ of it as a matter of fact! Brighton looks totally different than how it did a week and a half ago, what a difference a few more inches can make (zing!).
The snow was soft and plentiful, and while not terribly deep I did get my pow float on somewhat. I was only up there for a few hours, and I did spend a goodly amount of time tweaking my bindings a boots. I decided to try loosening things up a bit as I’ve historically ridden very, very tightly but I’ve come to the conclusion that this might be holding me back. I imagine this experiment will take a few days to sort itself out.
The other reason for the short day is that I’ll be going again tomorrow, this time with Angy and her niece, who will be going for her first time. That should be a lot of fun…I hope she loves it as much as we have.