The warranty on my car that is. It actually happened a few days ago. I watched it as it passed 36k miles. I have considered, on and off, about buying an extended warranty. Most things I’ve read say it’s not really worth it with deductibles and exclusions and all that. My last car had a great extended warranty with it, as it was bought “certified pre-owned” and up to 100k miles.
This car, however, is a Jeep. I have grand plans to modify it which would pretty much nullify any warranty that I can get. As it is, it does have a lifetime power train warranty, so there is that. But I expect some of the modifications I have planned could present a fight with the dealer if things come up. I know there are laws, particularly the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, that offers some protection but some battles aren’t even worth fighting. It’ll be a call made if/when the time comes.
In the meantime I now have the knowledge that I’m on my own. If nothing else, a warranty gives you peace of mind, something that seems rarer and rarer about much of anything in this day and age.