Board Report: A Boarder is Born (Day 3)

Decent snow, a lot more terrain, and best of all: a newbie. Today we took Angy’s niece up to Brighton for her first Snowboarding EVER. I’m always a little wary of introducing someone new to the sport as unless they’re of a particularly athletic talent the first day snowboarding is going to suck…a lot. Typically there’s lots of falling, a great deal of which is directly upon the tailbone, so by the end of the day it is very sore.
With this in mind, I usually try to get at least a two day commitment out of a new boarder before I’ll agree to take them up. With the commitment made, we dropped Sierra off for her first lesson and we went on our way. Two hours later I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I asked the two requisite questions: “Does you butt hurt?”, “YES!”. “Do you want to go again?”, “YES!”. It’s that second “YES” that’s key…and warms my heart. A Boarder is born.