Board Report: Pow! (Day 9)

The first true powder day of the year, and the snow keeps falling! Went up for a solid half day in the morning, and had a good 6 to 8 inches on top of a bit more soft stuff. Falling didn’t hurt, which is a first for the season. However, for some reason my feet kept cramping up! This is after a few good days of no craps at all after having the Intuition boot liners baked and molded. I still may have them redone to do some final tweaking, but we’ll see how Sunday’s adventure goes, with even more snow.
Oh…and I got into the air a few times too. I’ve been wanting to get more comfy off the snow and finally got up the gumption to just try it. Only had a handful of hits, but gotta start somewhere. The soft stuff brings confidence, that’s for sure!