Board Report: A Perfect Day…Or Not (Day 10)

Feet, yes feet of snow have fallen over the past few days. It’s clear, and not too cold. Should be a great day, the best day of the year easily. Should…such a funny word.
For some reason my feet were cramping for the first time since having my boot liners molded. On top of that I had only slept about 5.5 hours. And I just wasn’t feeling it. What really did me in, though, was the people. Rather, the assholes. Due to the snow there had been an avalanche overnight in Little Cottonwood canyon, closing it. The folks that would normally be going to Snowbird and Alta ended up heading to Solitude and Brighton. I’ve never seen it so crowded and everyone was either impatient and cranky, or tired of being pushed around and cranky.
12:30 rolls around and we decide to roll out. A day lost, but a lesson learned..somewhere..I’m sure…